updated 4/5/03

Stephen Naughton
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312



Software Developer with over ten years analysis and design experience, including extensive development in C++ and Microsoft Windows platforms. A motivated self-starter with strong research, analysis, problem solving and design skills and excellent communication skills. Detail-oriented and keep an eye out for the best solution. Im a team player with a professional, bottom line-oriented attitude; I love my work. Always interested in broadening my horizons, learning new skills.

     Windows PC platforms 11 years, Windows CE, 1 year; Linux 2 years
     C: 13 years; C++: 8 years; Visual Basic 1 year; VBA 1 year
     Various Assembler languages: 1 year
     MFC/Visual C++ Environment: 6 years
     COM: 1 year, experience in DirectX
     SQL (use of Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, SQL Anywhere, MS Access; writing stored procedures; mostly through ODBC, some admin): 6 years
     Writing and debugging multithreaded apps; synchronization and thread safety
     TCP/IP Sockets, RS-232, Internet applications (HTML, HTTP, auto-emailing),
     Parsing (including use of Lex/Yacc, Flex/Bison, and Antlr/PCCTS)
     Documentation: fully document code; authored user manual and help files
     HTML: 2 years, Javascript: 1 year
     Photoshop, Painter: 1 year

     .NET programming; embedded programming - I have done reading/practice in these areas and would be interested in any opportunities to get practical experience.

Archonix, Inc.,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida (www.archonix.com)
President/Software Developer/Consultant (this is my S-Corporation)
June 2001 to present
e2 Communications (now Bluestreak), Plano, Texas (www.bluestreak.com)
Software Engineer
April 2000 to May 2001
DB Microware Inc., Plano, Texas (www.dbmicro.com)
System Engineer
May 1997 to March 2000
RIA, formerly CLR/FastTax, Carrollton, Texas (www.riahome.com)
Systems Analyst Lead II
August 1995 to February 1997
Beckett Publications, Dallas, Texas (www.beckett.com)
Senior Software Engineer
January 1994 to July 1995
Ibertech Inc., Fort Worth, Texas (www.ibertech.com)
Software Engineer
June 1993 to December 1993
Digital Image Systems Inc., Carrollton, Texas
Software Engineer
May 1992 to May 1993
Artificial Linguistics, Dallas, Texas
Software Engineer
March 1990 to April 1992
     B.S. in Computer Science, with minor in English, Iowa State University, May, 1986.
     Graduate and undergraduate linguistics courses at University of Texas at Arlington 1988
     Community college courses in Electronics, Biology, Chemistry and Art 1989-2000

     Association for Computational Linguistics